Effects of Estrogen

Estrogen is actually a hormone which is generated by a woman’s ovaries. During the lifetime, the estrogen level could fluctuate. In age of puberty, the estrogen level enhances and once a female attains menopause, the level of female sex hormone falls. Estrogen has an effect on a variety of elements of the body, like the bone tissue mass, hair growth and skin appearance.
Raising Estrogen and Hair Growth
Once a girl enters into the age of puberty, in most cases within the ages of 11 and 14 years, her estrogen level continues to rise so that she can handle her reproductive system. Among the results of such rise in estrogen could be the formation of pubic and underarm hair, referred to as supplementary sex attributes.
Fall in Estrogen
A decline in estrogen, either as a result of menopause or some other hormonal fluctuation, could also impact hair growth. You are going to suffer from a hair loss of pubic hair along with hair on the head in case you have lower levels of estrogen within your body. You could also encounter undesirable hair growth on the face in menopause, when the estrogen level has reached their minimum. Such event takes place as the shortage of estrogen leaves you with a hormonal instability; you may have much more androgens or male hormones as compared to female hormones in your body, which leads to various male-like symptoms like body and face hair.
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Using estrogen supplements within a hormone replacement therapy program has its own results on your hair too. Women could deal with a kind of hair loss known as androgenic alopecia, related to low progesterone and estrogen, by exchanging such hormones unnaturally. Dose of artificial estrogen needs to be checked constantly. Abnormal hair growth could be a potential side effect of a type of hormone replacement therapy, known as esterified estrogens.

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